Adventure-Making: Venetia creates the next adventure of New Zealand Endeavour, ’94 world champion ketch

Adventure-Making: Venetia creates the next adventure of New Zealand Endeavour, ’94 world champion ketch

The Creative District invents Bull Days Inclusive Sailing Cup: the onlife experience aboard the sailing legend

ADV as Advertising? No, ADV as ADVENTURE. It is in the DNA of the Creative District by Venetia Communication the ability to disrupt the status quo and generate innovative ideas. From the small port on the Livenzetta an epic circumnavigation of Italy is taking shape, which will touch 3 states and involve enchanting ports on the Mediterranean. It is here that a unique project is being born: Bull Days Inclusive Sailing Cup X New Zealand Endeavour.

A “regatta” with an inclusive heart that will return to sea the myth of sailing in the 90s New Zealand Endeavour. On board together with the nautical team there will be Paralympic athletes of FAI Sport and figures selected by us.

new zealand endeavour

From Trieste to Monaco aboard NZ Endeavour: 1400 miles, 45 days of navigation, 7 marine-events, 150 Lamborghinis and 15 Paralympic athletes

An epic voyage along the Italian coast, as protagonist an absolute icon. The ketch New Zealand Endeavour built in Auckland and launched in ’92 in Wellington Harbor, with a grandiose event broadcast in prime time on the main TV channels.

The legendary boat, at the time the absolute diamond of deep-sea sailing, made history by winning the Whitbread Round The World Race of 93-94. A lightning bolt on the water that went around the world 32,000 miles, crossing the finish line in the Maxi Yacht category. A great victory that ended up in safe company: from the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race to the UAP Round Europe and the Fastnet Regatta.

Now the legend is ready to return.

SOCIAL SAILING: from event planning to live streaming

The omnichannel strategy aims at creating a truly unique and unforgettable onlife experience. A historic event from media tzunami, a collective wow able to make the Cup the unrepeatable stage for brand partners.

The great value of the Bull Days Inclusive Sailing Cup event is in fact arousing the interest of many top brands. A wave of enthusiasm confirmed by the numbers. The Cup is sponsored by 9 municipalities, 9 regions and will touch 3 states.

Following the example of the Sailing Cup, both by sea and by land, the operational strategy will be twofold: offline and online. The offline will be realized through activities of: event planning, boat customization (from the sail signed to other nautical elements), press, photo shooting, film production and of course the travel experience. In fact, a documentary will be filmed during the sailing trip and distributed on the main web and TV channels. A dedicated merchandising line will also be launched.

new zealand endeavour

The online, in addition to the content production on the official website, social channels, chat, magazine and newsletter, will also have an important Live Streaming during the whole navigation.

24 hours a day, from Trieste to Monaco, from May 15 to June 24: an epic journey of more than a month entirely transmitted. Webcams installed and a selected crew will film every moment of the Bull Days Cup, amplifying its media and emotional impact. The historic New Zealand sailing team, sailing and motorsport enthusiasts, businessmen and curious people from all over the world will be together for the first time in front of an absolutely original Reality.

The iconic ketch Endeavour is transformed into an international stage in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.


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