The synergy with the legendary British brand that makes celebrities fall in love with it

The synergy with the legendary British brand that makes celebrities fall in love with it

Activated the communication strategy with the historic brand Matchless London, style icon adored by Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Kate Moss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gerald Butler, Tom Hardy. An organic and innovative onlife project between personal branding & product placement. Matchless and Stefano Cigana are the brands involved in a real media tornado.

“Where There’s A Road, There’s A Matchless”

Matchless was born in London in 1899 thanks to the genius of Henry Collier. Britain’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer, whose coveted bikes were ridden by such absolute icons as Marlon Brando and James Dean. The ardor, the innate character for the road, mirror of a life lived exclusively according to the rules of rebellion. The only dogma: to be and live “on the road”. The most authentic representation of the flight towards freedom.

The English company also produces clothing for bikers. Another successful branch of the company. Leather jackets, outdoor clothing and accessories that are safe, high-performance and technical, as well as elegant and with a vintage & grunge character. Since the 1950s Matchless London has been the undisputed emblem of style.

Matchless is in our portfolio: a multi-purpose communication project

A strategic communication project focused both on Stefano Cigana’s personal branding and on Matchless’ product placement. A joint brand action that we triggered during the Bull Days Serenissima (September 2021).

A luxury experience along the Adriatic Coast that crossed Venice and its Lido, Caorle, Jesolo and Lignano Sabbiadoro. [Find out more in the dedicated article]. Taking full advantage of the great visibility and the circuit of high-profile international business people of the Bull Days Community.

Personal branding

The personal & co-branding strategy has taken shape around the figure of Stefano Cigana, entrepreneur and front-man of Bull Days. A marketing plan with the aim of consolidating the personal brand in the world “on the road”, sharing values, experiences and lifestyle.

Hence the synergy with Matchless London, to feed and enhance the ideology shared between the two realities. Ambition, tenacity, grit, determination and the ability to overcome their limits. Active lifestyle, passion for MotorSport and for speed. These are the winning ingredients of the common philosophy.

An action of personal branding oriented to follow the important tradition of stars and self-made men, brought in the prestigious company heritage of the British motorcycle manufacturer. A myth honored over the years by winning pilots, revolutionary minds, enlightened inventors, bold industrialists, courageous fighters.

The product placement

In this perspective Stefano Cigana has been appointed Matchless Official Tester, while the iconic brand has been included in the exclusive Bull Days circuit, online and offline. Valued above all through the “Bull Jacket” worn by Stefano Cigana.

A unique garment, made with a sustainable nappa leather and made in Italy. Designed specifically for the driving experience on board of Supercar & Hypercar. In addition to the brand new “Reflex Backpack” dedicated to the crew of Lamborghini owners.

But what is product placement? It is a particular form of communication, in which branded products are positioned and inserted into a pre-existing narrative structure, such as: films, video clips, commercials, TV programs.

The effectiveness of this methodology lies mainly in the apparent “naturalness”. In environments that allow the brand to benefit from the endorsement of a star. The key to success for increasing the visibility of a product, increasing brand awareness and enhancing brand identity.

By associating concepts, lifestyles, behaviors and characteristics to your brand. Product placement ensures the transmission of a message that is authentic, engaging and impossible to avoid.


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