Shockwave in Venice: 54 Lamborghini in front of Piazza San Marco

Shockwave in Venice: 54 Lamborghini in front of Piazza San Marco

The importance of knowing how to create events that go down in history

Event planning is a very important marketing tool. An event is the perfect time to network, build loyalty and increase emotional engagement around your brand. But knowing how to create an event that can enter the collective memory is a different story. The great potential is elevated to the cube!

Something so shocking and innovative, so daring and crazy, to amaze everyone. Turning the impossible into reality. Playing like masters on the strings of emotions, speaking unknown languages, giving light to utopian projects. Unleash a domino effect capable of producing an enormous media impact.

Having a feeling for the extraordinary, this is the key.

Bull Days Regatta: 54 Lamborghini homage to the Serenissima

Shockwave in Venice: we orchestrated a Regatta never seen before

Gondolas and luxury supercars together for the first time. Aerodynamic lines and bright colors intertwined with the Byzantine and Gothic decorations of Venice. Elements cared for in every detail, from applied art to made in Italy design. Defined shapes sculpted in eternity, but able to merge with the mutability of the dunes and the waves.

Saturday, September 25, 4 barges have transported the 54 Lamborghini of the Bull Days Serenissima, in the legendary waters of the Bacino di San Marco. The Regatta of Bull Days, a brand launched by Venetia Communication in 2018, paraded in front of the enchanting Piazza San Marco. An unprecedented historical event in the Lagoon of the Doges. The representation of a crazy and impossible idea that became reality.

A fearless and passionate tribute to the most beautiful city in the world.

An event transformed into a pop phenomenon

Three unforgettable days, capable of writing new chapters of history. Impressed in the eyes, hearts and minds of thousands of people. A memorable edition that touched Venice, its Lido, the “small Venice” Caorle, Jesolo and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Many thanks to: the community and the audience of Bull Days, public administrations, local authorities, hotels, restaurants, bars, entrepreneurs and professionals who supported us. With the certainty of a new future to build together. Because Bull Days is above all a business model, a strategy for growth and development.

The 54 supercars have also paraded in a breathtaking roadshow along the iconic strip of land of the Lido di Venezia. The island with the Liberty spirit that has made many artists, poets, directors and intellectuals fall in love with it. A new land of conquest for the Luxury Experience dedicated to the brands of the luxury world.

The event was staged in the square of Nicelli Airport, the oldest commercial airport in Italy. While the crew enjoyed the unmistakable atmosphere of the prestigious Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort. Symbol and quintessence of International Cinema. Famous resort of royalty, politicians, movie stars, intellectuals and influential figures.

Bull Days Serenissima supercar Lamborghini a Caorle
Bull Days Serenissima supercar Lamborghini a Caorle

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